Science Bulletins: Whales Give Dolphins a Elevate


Many species work together within the wild, most frequently as predator and prey. However current encounters between humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins reveal a playful facet to interspecies interplay. In two totally different areas in Hawaii, scientists watched as dolphins “rode” the heads of whales: the whales lifted the dolphins up and out of the water, after which the dolphins slid again down. The 2 species appeared to cooperate within the exercise, and neither displayed indicators of aggression or misery. Whales and dolphins in Hawaiian waters typically work together, however playful social exercise resembling that is extraordinarily uncommon between species. The newest Bio Bulletin from the Museum’s Science Bulletins program presents the primary recorded examples of this sort of conduct. Guests to AMNH might view the video within the Corridor of Biodiversity till February 9, 2012.

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