Japanese monkey tries to mate with deer

Monkey and deer

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The macaque tried to mate with a minimum of two Sika deer

A male Japanese monkey has been filmed making an attempt to mount and mate with a Sika deer.

Researchers noticed the primate trying to mate with a minimum of two deer in November 2015, throughout the macaque breeding season.

The macaques frequently bathe in scorching springs in snow-covered elements of Japan, and reside side-by-side with the deer.

The macaques have beforehand been noticed grooming the deer or using them in a playful method.

The curious behaviour is printed in a examine revealed within the journal Primates.

The monkey gave the impression to be a low-status male, who guarded his “love pursuits” by chasing away different male monkeys who got here close to.

Co-author Alexandre Bonnefoy commented: “The male mounted the deer and displayed some copulation behaviours, which included about 15 sexual actions over a interval of 10 seconds, earlier than dismounting.”

It is not the primary instance of inter-species mating. In 2014, studies of an Antarctic fur seal coercing king penguins into sexual relations made headlines worldwide.